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World Peace Earth is a non-profit foundation with a vision to “create world peace one lifestyle change at a time” and a mission of, “educating, encouraging, researching and promoting a loving lifestyle to create a virtuous, kind, gentle, respectful and spiritual relationship between all beings and the earth contributing to world peace.”

World Peace Earth makes a positive difference in local and world communities through service, education and a dedication to peace in action.

How am I becoming the peace?

Ghandi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” This truth has never been more important than it is today. The world in which we are living sometimes feels cold, frightening, and depressing. However, it only takes the power of one person, the power you have inside yourself, to be the change, to be the peace in a world that feels warm, nurturing and joyful.

Create peace for All:  We are able to choose to live in cooperation with others, sharing our resources, time, and energy. There is enough food and clean water for everyone when we allocate resources more efficiently and directly. Millions of beings are enslaved today, human animals as well as other animals. And making conscious daily choices of what we wear, what we choose to do for entertainment, what we eat, purchase and consume in general contributes to a more peaceful world.

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Create peace for the Earth: Every decision we make impacts everything and everyone around us. We are able to choose to create cleaner air, water and land by supporting sustainable energy technologies, buying local and becoming aware of the consequences of the clear-cutting of forests, mountain-top mining and other environmental influences.  Being mindful of all our lifestyle choices, including what we put on our plate, recycling what we use and consuming less in general also contribute to peace for the earth.

Create peace within our Communities: When each of us connects with our neighbors and performs our own unique service to the world, we become the change we wish to see. We heal our relationships with others by realizing our interconnectedness. It is important that we take the time and effort to engage in more community activities, such as community gardens, sharing resources, creating local alternative economies, utilizing community capital and gathering for the purpose of raising consciousness in ourselves and others. Our communities become more peaceful as we assist others with being happy and free.

Create peace with our Physical & Spiritual Self: We create peace within ourselves when we connect with the awareness of our interconnectedness with all of life. Just a few methods for connecting with the peace that resides within us include practicing yoga and meditation, taking a few moments to be silent each day, connecting with nature, engaging in volunteer service work, and caring for our bodies by exercising, staying active, and eating whole, plant-based diets.

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